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Establishing the Grigsby lines of descent from the 17th-century progenitor, John Grigsby (1623-1730), has been the major work of the Society. To date, we have recorded over 500 Grigsby or Grigsby-related family lines, most of whom identify this John Grigsby as the probable progenitor.

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The National Grigsby Family Society (NGFS) has existed since 1981 for those with the Grigsby surname, heritage, families, friends, and anyone who has an interest in the Grigsbys. Here’s why you will want to join the National Grigsby Family Society or Gift a Membership to anyone you know with a Grigsby connection!

  • Discover the roots (and add to the branches) of the Grigsby family tree.
  • Explore Grigsby genealogy and family lore on the “Members Only” pages of the National Grigsby Family Society (NGFS) website
  • Learn about the contributions that Grigsby individuals have made to our nation’s history.
  • Access 400 years of Y-DNA Study genetic data for 40+ patrilineal descendants of John Grigsby (1623-1730).
  • Free or discounted DNA testing for qualified testers.
  • Meet Grigsby family and friends; enjoy tours and events at Triennial Reunions (they are fun!).
  • Share Grigsby family histories and discoveries.
  • The Grigsby Gazette is filled with articles about Grigsby history, genealogy, and DNA studies, as well as information about the organization and its members.
  • Participate in research projects including YDNA, Autosomal DNA, Mitochondrial DNA, African American, and Native American.
  • Explore resources on the National Grigsby Preservation Foundation (NGPF) website and on the new Grigsby Virtual Museum.
  • At just $35.00 for an individual membership, it is a great value, especially because we have not raised fees for many years or during the current inflation.
  • It makes a great gift for the holidays, birthdays, or other occasions!

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