NGFS Database Submission Guidelines:


1.        Formats:

          Electronic this is the preferred method of submittal

          GEDCOM file document source material as appropriate (preferred)

          Document file list individuals with events clearly identified and source material referenced as much as possible.  May be from a word processor or a text file.


          Paper should be in a family group record format

          Sources should be referenced for the appropriate events.

          Print or type so that it is easily readable.


2.        Sources:

          Provide a copy of source material if at all possible (do not send originals).

          If the source is from a book, ensure that a copy is made of the referenced material and that the name and author of the book and location within the book is identified.

          If the source is an official document, make sure that the document or record number can be identified.

          If the source is electronic, identify where it came from:

          Website:  full website name (URL)

          CD:  name of CD and company that produced it


3.        How to submit and what happens afterward:

          Email material to

          Send paper copies to:  Matt Beard, 10318 Sagegate Dr., Houston, TX 77089

          The material will be evaluated and any discrepancies will be identified and worked on.

          If a problem is identified and data is not accepted, the submitter will be informed of why

          Accepted data will be incorporated into the NGFS database over the next update cycle (1-2 months)

          The web site will be updated with the new database




updated 5/7/03 - GMB