Immigrant John Grigsby


John Grigsby, who died in 1730, is the common ancestor of the majority of the members of the National Grigsby Family Society.  The earliest records of John Grigsby are found in Stafford County, Virginia, where he purchased land.   John Grigsby and his (traditional) wife, Jane Prosser, had 6 children:

  1. Mary Ann

  2. John

  3. Charles

  4. James

  5. William

  6. Thomas

All have descendants except Thomas, who died without issue.

The National Grigsby Family Society is engaged in collecting family records on all Grigsby Families with the help of its members and friends.  The Grigsby Family Genealogist coordinates this effort and, in addition, is continuing to document the earliest generations for the National Grigsby Family Society.  The research of the Genealogist is printed in the Newsletter of the National Grigsby Family Society.