About the National Grigsby Family Society


For the past century, scattered groups representing several Grigsby family lines have collected and exchanged genealogical material, held reunions, and researched and written of their findings.  Groundwork to form the Society began at a Grigsby Family Reunion at Natural Bridge, Virginia in 1979.  The National Grigsby Family Society was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia on February 3, 1981.

Since the Charter Meeting at Richmond in 1981, Triennial Reunions have been held at:

  1. San Antonio, Texas - 1984
  2. San Diego, California - 1987
  3. Springfield, Illinois - 1991
  4. Dallas, Texas - 1995
  5. Alexandria, Virginia - 1999
  6. Kansas City, Missouri - 2002
  7. Natural Bridge, Virginia - 2005
  8. Fairfield (Napa Valley), California - 2008

In 1989, a Summary Annual Meeting was held at Natural Bridge on the 10th anniversary of the 1979 Grigsby Reunion.

Establishing the Grigsby lines of descent from the 17th century progenitor, John Grigsby (1623-1730), has been the major work of the Society.  To date we have recorded over 500 Grigsby or Grigsby-related family lines, most of whom identify this John Grigsby as the probable progenitor.







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