Publications of the National Grigsby Family Society



The NGFS produces a quarterly newsletter, which is distributed to active and honorary members, and to many libraries and genealogy organizations.  The newsletter contains information from the President of the NGFS, news of members and of Society activities, material from the Genealogist, and other items of interest.



Two volumes of Grigsby Family Memorabilia have been printed and photocopy editions are available.  The Memorabilia volumes contain family histories and stories, pictures, letters, etc. contributed by Grigsby descendants, along with family line profiles of the NGFS members.  These volumes have been placed in about 65 libraries and research facilities in the United States.

  1. Memorabilia I                                     $35.00 postpaid (not available at this time)
  2. Memorabilia II                                    $42.00 postpaid (not available at this time)

Also, a bound volume of the first 15 years of newsletters is available:

  1. "NGFS Newsletter 1981-1995"          $45.00 postpaid     



NGFS information is now being made available on CD. The CDs are priced at two tier levels - members and non-member. If you pay to join the society, then you are eligible to buy at the member rate.

CD NGFS01 - Memorabilia
This CD contains the two previously published Memorabilia books in PDF format.


CD NGFS02 - Newsletter
This CD contains the current Newsletter book and various newsletter issues that have been published since the book was published. All are in PDF format.

CD NGFS03 - Census Index
This CD contains a census index and compiled census data for the Grigsby surname in the U.S. Federal censuses. Both are in PDF format.

CD NGFS04 - Miscellaneous
This CD contains various gathered books concerning the Grigsby family that are available in the public domain. Most are in PDF format.

The available books may also be ordered by mail from the NGFS Administrator by completing the online book order form  and mailing it to:

Marcia Johnson, NGFS Administrator, 61627 Pine Dr, Grove, OK 74344-5503



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