List of current Board of Directors, Officers, Staff, and appointed positions for the period of January 1 through December 31, 2006:

Board of Directors Serves Through Year:

Elected or Appointed Positions

Matt Beard   2006   Website, Newsletter, and Research Genealogist, S/W Chapter President
Sharon Braden   2006   S/W Chapter Vice President, Nominations
Anne Demsky   2007   Secretary
Brian Grigsby   2007    
Mac Grigsby   2008    
Stan Grigsby   2007   Treasurer
Tom Grigsby 2006 Vice President, Immediate Part President
Gene "Scottie" Holland   2008    
Tracy Knight   2007    
Martha "Martie" Schubert   2008    
Doris Thrane   2008    
Hank Williams   2006    

Additional Staff and Appointed Positions:




Gloria Russell   Database Manager
Janis Franklin   Chaplain
Judith Doughty   Administrator

updated 3/13/06- GMB