List of current Board of Directors, Officers, Staff, and appointed positions for the period of January 1 through December 31, 2002:

Board of Directors Serves Through Year:

Elected or Appointed Positions

Ben Grigsby 2003  
Brian Grigsby 2003
Chester Grigsby 2002
L. W. Grigsby   2004    
Lindle Grigsby 2002


Stanley Grigsby   2003   Treasurer
Thomas Grigsby 2002  
Bruce Jogerst 2003 Vice President
Jack Painter 2004
Frank Roberts 2004
Gloria Russell 2004 Secretary
LaVerne Shaw 2002

Immediate Past President - Matthew Beard

Additional Staff and Appointed Positions:




Matthew Beard   Website & Newsletter
Lutha Grigsby   Research Genealogist
Margaret Mottley   Administrator and Historian

updated 9/9/02 - GMB