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List of Current Board members


List of Board of Directors, Officers, Staff, and appointed positions for the period of January 1 through December 31, 2000:

Board of Directors Serves Through Year:

Elected or Appointed Positions

Judy Doughty 2001

Secretary and Correspondence Genealogist

Janis Franklin 2001
Chester Grigsby 2002
Lindle Grigsby 2002

President and Vice President - Communications and Newsletter

Mac Grigsby 2000 First Vice President
Tom Grigsby 2002
Judy Hayes 2001
Scottie Holland 2001
Jack Painter 2000
Tom Purkins 2000
LaVerne Shaw 2002
Henry Williams 2000

Additional Staff and Appointed Positions:




Matthew Beard   Vice President - Information Technology
Sister Mary Francis Cates   Treasurer
Lutha Grigsby   Research Genealogist
Eldon Lawson   Vice President - Finance
Margaret Mottley   Administrator and Historian

updated 10/15/00 - GMB