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Family Tree DNA identifies a confidentiality and privacy policy at which states the policies that is followed and maintained by that company.

NGFS Privacy and Legal Policy:
No medical information, other than genetic codes, are identified by this study nor will be maintained by the National Grigsby Family Society. It is the intent of the NGFS to utilize this study for genealogical purposes
to further the study of the surname Grigsby, its derivatives, and descendants.  Effort will be taken to respect the privacy of all participants and not release information without the consent of the participation.  It is
understood by the participant that neither the organization, officers, staff, nor members of the National Grigsby Family Society will be held liable for any information or damage that may be actual or perceived from
the results of this study or the handling of the information gathered.

Participants will be requested to give Family Tree DNA the authorization to provide the information and results of each test to the National Grigsby Family Society.  While this is voluntary for those who decide to
join the surname study, it is expected of those that the NGFS provides funds to have the test performed on.  Please help the society make the most out of this surname study and assist in building a database of
genetic information to further the research into the family genealogy.

The National Grigsby Family Society (NGFS) is not associated with Family Tree DNA other than for utilizing their services offered through their website at


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