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NGFS Conflict Policy:

It is not expected, but there may be conflicts between what is believed to be known by conventional genealogical research and the results of this study.

While it is not the intent of the society to cause conflict to its members or participants in this study, it should be understood that this test is another tool to be utilized in your research
methodology.  Every effort will be made to confirm the results of the test with the participant and through the historical records if a conflict is determined between what is believed to
be the family tree and what the results of the tests may indicate.

The following conflict resolution process will be followed for this:
1. The NGFS genealogist will contact the participant and discuss the information.  An effort will be made to resolve this by reviewing any known historical records of the line in question.
2. If the conflict cannot be resolved through the research, a discussion (by person, phone, or email) will be held between the surname participant, the NGFS genealogist, and the NGFS
President to determine the desire of the participant in how to best utilize the information from the test.
3. If there is not a decision made agreeable to all three of the individuals involved in step 2, the decision will be brought to the NGFS Board of Directors meeting for a decision of how
to utilize or protect the information.

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